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Cal Wonder 3.jpg

Dark green four-lobed square blocky shaped fruit, with a thick wall and sweet mild taste.

Maturity: 65-75 Days

Size: 4.5 inches tall x 4 inches wide

Pepper- Cal Wonder

Beet Bulls Blood.JPG

Dark red-purple skin with red flesh semi-globe shaped fruit. 

Maturity: 60 Days

Size: 3-4 inches diameter

Beet- Bulls Blood

Beet Detroit Dark Red.JPG

Nearly globe shaped fruit, blood-red skin with deep red flesh. 

Maturity: 45-70 Days

Size: 2.5-3 inches diameter

Beet- Detroit Dark Red

Beet, Early Wonder.jpg

Semi-globe shaped, dark red skin with a deep red flesh very fast growing green, grows up to 18 inches tall.

Maturity: 55-60 Days

Size: 3-4 inches diameter x 12-18 inches tall

Beet- Early Wonder

Champion, radish.jpg

Bright red, firm mild flesh, grows to be large but not pithy it is a large Cherry Belle type.

Maturity: 20-30 Days

Size: 1-1.15 inch globes and 3.5-4.5 inch tops

Radish- Champion

Broccoli Sprouting.JPG

Semi-globe shaped dark green central head, with curled dark green leaves.

Maturity: 55-80 Days

Size: 5-7 inches diameter

Broccoli- Green Sprouting

Kale Lacinato Leaves.JPG

Open kale with strap-like blue-green leaves. With a slightly sweet taste. 

Maturity: 62 Days

Size: 10-12 inches long x 2.5-3.5 inches wide

Kale- Lacinato

Kale Red Russian.JPG

Rare strain with purple venation, red frilly leaves, wavy margins resemble oak leaves.

Maturity: 50-60 Days

Size: 24-30 inches tall

Kale- Red Russian

Rocket Arugula.jpg

Curled medium green tender smooth leaves with robust peppery flavor.

Maturity: 35 days

Size: 12-14 inches tall

Arugula- Rocket

Cauliflower Super Snowball.jpg

White cylindrical shaped head with deep green lobed leaves. 

Maturity: 52-60 Days

Size: 6.5 inch head and 1.75-2.5 lbs

Cauliflower- Super Snowball

Coriander ALS.JPG

Slow bolting, broadly lobed dark green leaves, very distinct taste and smell.

Maturity: 45 Days

Size: 12-14 inches tall

Coriander-American Long Standing

Kale, Vates Blue Curled.jpg

Finely curled blue-green leaves, low-growing short stem. 

Maturity: 50-80 Days

Size: 12-16 inches tall

Kale- Vates Blue Curled

Mustard Mizuna.JPG

Japanese green, vigorous plant produces many thin stalks, very mild in taste. 

Maturity: 30-45 Days

Size: 14-16 inches long

Mustard- Mizuna

Mustard, Tatsoi.jpg

Dark green round spoon shaped leaves, tender crisp white stalks with a large celery-like base. 

Maturity: 42 Days

Size: 8-12 inches tall

Mustard- Tatsoi

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