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Baby Pam.jpg

Medium sized deep orange round pumpkin with ridges. 

Maturity: 100 Days

Size: 5 inches long x 5.5 inches diameter

Baby Pam

Big Max.jpg

Round dark orange pumpkin with bright yellow thick flesh. 

Maturity: 110-120 Days

Size: 17-18 inches diameter

Big Max

Atlantic Giant.jpg

Round-orange rind, with orange flesh.

Maturity: 115-125 Days

Size: 150-200 lbs

Atlantic Giant

Jack Be Little.jpg

Round deep-orange shaped fruit that is somewhat flat, deep ribs with thin but strong stems. 

Maturity: 85-95 Days

Size: 3-4 oz


Pumpkin Jack-O-Latern.jpg

Medium sized smooth medium orange pumpkin with shallow ribs.  

Maturity: 75-115 Days

Size: 9-10 inches long x 7-10 inches diameter


Mammoth Gold, Pumpkin.jpg

Golden orange hue with faintly ribbed smooth surface, and thick pale orange flesh. 

Maturity: 85-125 Days

Size: 40-60 lbs

Mammoth Gold


Medium sized orange hard rind pumpkin with dark green stems. 

Maturity: 105-115 Days

Size: 20-25 lbs


Connecticut Field (2).jpg

Large sized yellow-orange skin pumpkin with yellow flesh and a flat bottom.

Maturity: 110-120 Days

Size: 15-25 lbs

Connecticut Field

Baby Boo.jpg

Flattened white ribbed skin with strong stems, and white flesh. 

Maturity: 90-100 Days

Size: 3 inches diameter x 2 inches tall

Baby Boo

Pump Small Sugar.jpg

Small round slightly flattened ribbed orange globes, yellow flesh. 

Maturity: 80-120 Days

Size: 7-9 inches long x 8-12 inches diameter

Small Sugar

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