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Thin light green skin with dark green mottled stripes slightly tapered fruits, firm creamy-white flesh.

Maturity: 50-57 Days

Size: 4-6 inches long x 2-3.5 inches diameter



Cylindrical dark green with light striped fruit, greenish to white firm flesh.

Maturity: 50-55 Days

Size: 6-8 inches long



Cylindrical shaped fruit, with very light green speckled skin.

Maturity: 50-54 Days

Size: 4-5 inches long


Grey Zucchini.jpg

Cylindrical medium green fruit tapers slightly to stem end with pale green flecking, very pale green flesh.

Maturity: 42-65 Days

Size: 6-8 inches long

Grey Zucchini 

SQ Round Zucchini.jpg

Globed shaped fruit, speckled green color and fast growing.

Maturity: 40-50 Days

Size: 3-4 inches in diameter

Round Zucchini

SQ Yellow Crookneck.JPG

Smooth fruit with curved neck light yellow, creamy white flesh. 

Maturity: 42-60 Days

Size: 5-6 inches long

Yellow Crookneck

White Lebanese.jpg

Oblong shaped fruit, with cream colored thin skin and firm flesh. 

Maturity: 50-57 Days

Size: 6-7 inches long

White Lebanese 

Musque De Provence-1283.jpg

Buckskin orange in color with deep ridges and sweet dark orange flesh.

Maturity: 120-130 Days

Size: 8-15 lbs

Musque De Provence

Blue Hubbard-0864.jpg

Oblong shaped blue-gray fruit with a fine textured yellow-orange colored flesh.

Maturity: 100-110 Days

Size: 10-20 lbs

Blue Hubbard

Table Queen.jpg

Acorn shape dark green rind with deep ribs and thick orange flesh. 

Maturity: 58-90 Days

Size: 5-6 inches long x 4-4.5 inches diameter

Table Queen 

Vegetable Spagetti-0672.jpg

Rounded cylindrical buff-tan fruits with yellowish-white flesh, large seed cavity. 

Maturity: 70-115 Days

Size: 8-12 inches long x 5-6 inches diameter

Vegetable Spaghetti

Red Kuri-1185.jpg

Bright orange-red fig shaped with slight mottleness, orange flesh, and large seed cavity. 

Maturity: 90-95 Days

Size: 5-10 lbs

Red Kuri

Burgess Buttercup.jpg

Small to medium sized dark green fruit with slight ribs, orange flesh.

Maturity: 85-110 Days

Size: 5-8 inches diameter

Burgess Buttercup

Pink Banana .JPG

Pinkish skinned with thin rind, yellow-orange flesh.

Maturity: 95-105 Days

Size: 5-6 lbs

Pink Banana

Waltham Butternut.jpg

Smooth light-tan skin, thicker cylindrical necks, light orange flesh with small seed cavity. 

Maturity: 85-115 Days

Size: 5-6 lbs

Waltham Butternut

SQ Striped Green Cushaw.jpg

Green mottled stripes over creamy-white fruit, pear-shaped with crookneck, sweet pale-yellow flesh. 

Maturity: 75-115 Days

Size: 16-20 inches long x 8-10 inches diameter

Striped Green Crenshaw

SQ Black Beauty.jpg

Dark green blocky shaped fruit with white flesh.

Maturity: 50-63 Days

Size: 6-8 inches long x 2 inches diameter

Black Beauty

White Bush Scallop-0686.jpg

Round flat scalloped light green fruits, very pale green flesh. 

Maturity: 47-65 Days

Size: 3 inches deep x 5-7 inches diameter

White Bush Scallop


Yellow lightly mottled club shaped fruit with creamy yellowish-white flesh.

Maturity: 42-56 Days

Size: 4-7 inches long x 2.5-3.5 inches diameter

Yellow Straightneck

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